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Divorce Mediation

Couple in Mediation

As a clinical social worker, Amy is able to be neutral and direct and assist both parties come up with an agreement that will benefit them and their families.

She takes a non-adversarial approach to divorce, and nobody leaves mediation as a winner or a loser. Amy's goal is to construct a divorce agreement that best fits each individual and family's needs. Amy offers a safe, supportive environment for constructive communication where each party is heard.

She takes a kinder, gentler approach to divorce or separation. Mediation offers an unbiased, third party present to assist arriving at a peaceful and successful dissolution to the marriage. Amy makes sure that both parties/spouses play an active role in constructing their divorce agreement.


Mediation is a cost-effective as well as time savings means of getting a divorce while being treated with dignity and respect. All parties will be given all necessary information to make educated decisions and reach equitable resolutions on all issues relating to one's divorce/separation.


All aspects of mediation process are strictly confidential.


Mediation can be used in the following decisions:

•child custody agreements


•child support

•separation agreements

Amy's is a member of Academy of Professional Family Mediators, the premier organization dedicated to Professional Family Mediation.

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